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Women's Tank Top by Neil Gibson Creations

Women's Tank Top by Neil Gibson Creations

All t-shirts shown are printed on B&C150 T-Shirts.
Light-weight 100% cotton, super soft and very comfortable to wear. Machine Washable.
Available T-shirt colours include ---
Faded Black ( a softer black, which is nicer than most super dark black coloured T-Shirts)

: Design Info :
The Kabayun logo (originally designed by Jojo Pardo - Ayalien) was remixed and prepared for screen-printing application by Neil Gibson Creations. The graphic was created specifically for the screen-printing process. This allows for finer attention to detail and a greater result and overall printabilty.

All T-Shirts are small-batch production, hand printed by the artist at his studio.

: Printing Info :
All T-Shirts are printed with a Discharge Ink (also known as decolourant) It is a special silkscreen printing technique, whereby the print is achieved by removing the colour of the shirt, rather than printing a layer of ink on top of the fabric. Similar to a bleaching effect-- but unlike bleach--the decolourant process does not damage the fabric, and produces a sharp, crisp printed image. And unlike common printing inks, the discharge technique integrates the printed design into the fabric, resulting in a natural coloured print and a super soft feel, or 'soft-hand' print. The design is actually in the T-Shirt fabric!

The advantages to printing with decolourants are:
- Super soft touch - No feeling of a print on the shirt!
- The natural look of the print and design
- The uniqueness of each discharged fabric - (never totally the same! Each fabric discharges slightly differently, resulting in small variations in the colouring of the printed design)
- The long lasting of the print - Will never go away!

More info...
The long-lastingness of the design will not crack or fade, since there is no actual medium is sitting on the fabric. Another factor influencing the decolourant process is the actual shirt fabric itself, and how it's been originally dyed by the manufacturer. Some T-Shirt cotton is not always white before dyed, but a natural unbleached beige colour or even darker or off white. This fact can make every T-Shirt discharge differently (even within the same size of the same brand). With slight variations in the colouring of the final printed design makes nearly every print unique!

AND One more thing... Thanks for the support!
As mentioned -- All T-Shirts are small-batch, hand printed by the artist at his studio. By buying items from independent artists and productions, you help in the future creation of high quality, unique and interesting art and wearables. Thank you!

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